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A few kind souls have requested that we set up a way to give donations towards funding our displays. We do have merchandise for sale if you’d like to get something back, but if you’d like to donate some of your hard earned please use the button below. We really, really appreciate this incredibly kind gesture if you choose to do so.

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The Rebel History of Nottingham

A trawl through the motivation behind the Rebels display on 25/02/2019 and a brief guide to the featured individuals.

FOREST AWAY: Ipswich, Saturday 16th March – Fan Guide / Q&A

Twelve points from safety and a minus goal difference twice as bad as the teams they need to catch; it looks bleak for Ipswich. The nightmare scenario of their greatest rivals sitting pretty at the exact opposite end of the table hardly helps matters either. If ever there was a team to kick start your […]

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FOREST AWAY: Stoke, Saturday 2nd March 2019

I’ll level with you. The last time I was in the home of Stoke City it was a long time ago and I was royally hungover. Since a 0-0 draw there in 2004 our paths took rather different paths. My three visits (Forest’s last three) have seen two draws and a loss from 2002-2004. It […]

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