Forza Garibaldi is a supporter driven movement which aims to reinvigorate the support at NFFC.  We emerged in 2016 in response to a desire from fans to mark the 150th anniversary of the club and has since developed into a positive campaign to provide a greater level of backing for the team and to inspire our fellow supporters.

We organise large pre-match gatherings at various venues in Nottingham and beyond which inject positivity and a spirit into the fans that attend.  Inside the grounds we organise displays of differing scales and are intent on enhancing the atmosphere in the stands.  A primary motivation behind our efforts is to forge a reputation as one of the leading sets of supporters in the country, known for our originality and as an unwavering and constant source of support for the Garibaldi Red both home and away.

We welcome you to and recommend that you take a look at the main About Us section for further information.

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The Church of Stuart Pearce and other stories – Q&A with Rich Fisher

A Q&A with the author, Rich Fisher.


The Church Of Stuart Pearce and other stories – Q&A with Rich Fisher

I have a continuously growing collection of NFFC related literature on my bookcase at home. Many of you will be the same, perhaps with the same nagging partner complaining that they clutter up the place and who wants them to be stored away out of sight. No? There is a depth of fascinating characters and stories […]

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Fans Forum / Safe Standing Debate – Thursday 18th January

Cross Keys – 7pm Towards the end of 2017 we began a concerted effort to elevate this campaign towards a greater focus on what happens inside the ground. Displays and flags aside there is a very simple need to become more consistent in the level of support we can offer. A game like Arsenal highlights […]

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