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A few kind souls have requested that we set up a way to give donations towards funding our displays. We do have merchandise for sale if you’d like to get something back, but if you’d like to donate some of your hard earned please use the button below. We really, really appreciate this incredibly kind gesture if you choose to do so.


100 Years of Supporter Mobilisation at NFFC

Given the flabbergasting end to the season it has been suggested that the lack of supporters inside the ground was possibly one factor in our downfall. While far from the only issue and certainly not the primary reason we collapsed so badly, it’s possible that we, all of us, could have made the difference. Every […]

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Come What May

I spent the weeks leading up to the return of lockdown football telling anyone that would listen that a finale without supporters was only ever going to be a few notches above meaningless. If you are expecting the next line to about how I was wrong then you are mistaken. As we await the ninth […]

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