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A few kind souls have requested that we set up a way to give donations towards funding our displays. We do have merchandise for sale if you’d like to get something back, but if you’d like to donate some of your hard earned please use the button below. We really, really appreciate this incredibly kind gesture if you choose to do so.


Athens AWAY – Part 4 – Beers and Travel

Welcome back to our final Athens blog. In this part we detail our plans for the trip, along with specific travel tips (helped by our Q&A contributors from Part 2 and Part 3)   Tickets / Admission Ticket prices have now been announced and are as follows: Atromitos – 10 Euro. Forest fans are directed to […]

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The news when it came was, in fairness, rather surprising. But is anything even a shock anymore at this bewildering football club? There was a natural instinct for some to react in correlation with their long held view that this manager was or wasn’t the answer. Delight or dismay. While what seems like a majority […]

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