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A few kind souls have requested that we set up a way to give donations towards funding our displays. We do have merchandise for sale if you’d like to get something back, but if you’d like to donate some of your hard earned please use the button below. We really, really appreciate this incredibly kind gesture if you choose to do so.


The Slaughterhouse Reds – A Review of ‘Garibaldi in South America’ Book

I have recently completed reading a new publication on Giuseppe Garibaldi, entitled Garibaldi in South America – An Exploration. While it was a book I certainly had a desire to read there was part of me that felt it was necessary to. At Forest, and certainly those of us that count ourselves as part of […]

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Garibaldi in South America – An Exploration

When 15 pioneers met in 1865 at the Clinton Arms to found Nottingham Forest they were inspired by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the revolutionary Italian nationalist. Only the year before he had visited London, invited by Lord Palmerston, the Prime Minister who admired him. In 1860 he achieved worldwide renown with The Thousand Redshirts, liberating Sicily and […]

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