Derby Away – Image Gallery

Our last two away games have both been draws but I’ve enjoyed them as much as any I can remember in recent times. Derby wasn’t the attacking feast that was offered up at Villa Park but it was an absorbing encounter all the same.

What really made it was being in the away end. Some Derby fans have taken exception to us saying how good it was but it was everything I want in an away support. Loud, piss-taking and drowning out the opposition.

In the interest of balance the South Stand don’t usually struggle to make some decent noise but perhaps that’s when things are going their way. This time they looked on glumly as 3,109 Reds did the majority of the singing.

The damage was done before kick-off with another pathetic flag waving charade. ‘You’re only here for the free flags’ we would later sing after the attendance was announced. If their fans don’t want to organise anything themselves or can’t be arsed then so be it but they should be begging their club not to make them endure another orgy of white bin liner flags.

It looked shit, really shit. And to make things worse they even messed up their surfing flag unveil after it got caught on dozens of the plastic bastards.

We don’t expect everybody to understand or care but we see something drastically improved about what we try and do. We produce big, bespoke fan displays – thought goes into them and they are designed to inspire fans and players alike. And the beauty of it is that supporters are behind it. Not just those who organise or create it but many more who help fund it or bring it to life.

Our endeavours at Forest are at the other end of the spectrum to someone in a suit behind the scenes at Derby bulk buying 30,000 bog standard flags and plonking on them each seat. Witnessing that monstrosity at Pride Park was all the assurance we need that what we do is the right way.

Considering that Derby have their own fan groups involved in atmosphere and displays I was adamant that we would see something from them immediately before kick-off. Something which went way further than normal and which was perhaps a consequence of them witnessing what Forest fans are capable of last season. I’m sorry to say that I overestimated them.

We all sense that there is something good growing at Forest. But it’s never more apparent than away from home. The performances have helped to inspire what is becoming a really brilliant vibe in the stands. There is an all for one attitude perhaps encapsulated nicely by Danny Fox appearing in with us at Pride Park. Not just watching his team mates but supporting them and joining in with the songs.

Those who were there and especially those who follow Forest away regularly will hopefully concur that it was special in the away end at Derby. It felt like every single one of us is in this together come what may.