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FOREST AWAY: Sheffield United, Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg, Saturday 14th May – Fan Guide

Sometimes it still returns fleetingly to my mind. Different parts of that night; occasionally happy memories but mainly it’s the mild punches to the stomach it can still provide. The absurdity and the shock. It gets forgotten but in the madness of it all we nearly rescued it. Matty Louis-Jean from nowhere getting up and […]

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FOREST AWAY: Hull City, Saturday 7th May – Fan Guide

Hopes of a direct dash into the Premier League may have been dashed but the opportunity remains via the pandemonium of the play-offs. It was a subdued ride home from Bournemouth but it’s hard not to find solace in a season that has been bewilderingly fabulous ever since Steve Cooper’s arrival. Disappointing defeats have regularly […]

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