Leeds Away – Image Gallery

We can argue for weeks about possession and other stats but was it not for a blatant intentional handball then we would be returning from Leeds with a third away win in a row. We were comfortable and Leeds, for all their dominance, were not really troubling us.

The realist in me knows that there isn’t much point worrying about it; none of us were too fussed when Darius Henderson scored at Boro with his hand a few years ago but it was the cheek of Roofe to stick out an arm knowing that it was the only way he could convert it into the net. And then boasting about it after the game. In truth I can live with it; it happens. But if that happens at the other end we can be assured that the Leeds support would be marching on the Football League by now demanding justice. Their method of claiming the entire football system is rigged against them is quietly forgotten on days like Saturday.

It’s a strange existence they have. They travel in huge numbers made as much noise as we’ve heard anywhere this season but its fed on anger and outrage rather than a natural support for their team. Other clubs take a dislike to their ignorance and that feeds it further.


The late kick-off provided the opportunity for an extended pre-match and early Saturday afternoon we found ourselves supping in Oporto, a nice little venue a five minute walk from the station. Through the next few hours a small band of Reds gathered and a quiet bar was transformed into a rowdy away pub.

The staff seemed a little perplexed but it couldn’t have been all bad as they provided us with a complimentary bottle of jaeger which was passed around the bar. They may, however, have been a little bit disgruntled about the large hen do who fled from the noise only minutes after arriving. At 4:45pm we staggered into various taxis.

It was another fabulous atmosphere in the away section. One of those games where songs are bouncing around in all directions. At one point in the second half the Leeds fans picked up with their ‘Champions of Europe’ song and the majority of the ground was joining in, scarves swinging around their heads. It was an impressive noise and sight and shows the potential when all stands are contributing. But 1,900 Forest fans gave as good as we got I thought.

I’ve said similar before this season but it’s been a real pleasure to follow Forest away so far in 2018/19. The away support has really improved, perhaps not in numbers but in some really loud followings. We are also witnessing a team who play with more freedom away from home than I can remember for a while. We play to our strength of running at teams and looking for goals right until the end. Ultimately we may end up losing a few because of it but I’m convinced it’ll bring more rewards. It’s also exciting to see.

After the game the rail strikes meant there was only service that would take us back home to Nottingham and inevitably the platform was rammed. The three police officers on patrol seemed rather troubled, especially when a group of Sheffield United fans  began making a racket amongst us all. Eventually we boarded only for the train to be cancelled due to a failure of the suspension caused by overcrowding. We subsequently all alighted only to stand on the platform wondering what on earth we were going to do. A replacement train finally showed and the journey home eventtuallygot underway.

We arrived back into Nottingham past midnight after an extended (and noisy!) change in Derby.

Going away with Forest is almost always a joy but it’s bloody hard work sometimes!

See you at Burton.