The Forza Garibaldi Boat Trip – Saturday 21st September 2019

The fourth annual Forza Garibaldi Boat Trip is almost upon us. Boats of wildly differing sizes will be sailing down the Trent before Saturday’s game against Barnsley and we hope one or two more will once again tag along to the four we have organised.

We depart from close to Trent Bridge at noon but those on board are asked to be in position by no later than 11:45am to ensure we are good to go on time. Please be advised we won’t be waiting for you. Anytime after 11:45am may be too late and boarding will be at the captain’s discretion.

For specific details on the exact boarding and departure points see below.

This year we have opted to name the boats after those who helped Forest lift the FA Cup against Luton Town sixty years ago in 1959:

The Billy Walker long serving and pioneering Forest manager

The Jack Burkitt – The Forest captain who lifted the trophy

The Tommy Wilson – The scorer of the second goal which won the game 2-1

The Stewart Imlach – The Man of the Match that day at Wembley

The Billy Walker will be the larger boat.


The Plan

In an attempt to make things run a little more smoothly and in response to numerous queries we thought it would be useful to post up some information which those of you joining us on board will need to read.

1 Ahead of the boats departing we will congregate at Southbank (Trent Bridge) from 9:00am. A breakfast buffet will be served at the cost of £5 per head through the morning on the terrace albeit this is weather permitting. Please be reminded that there is no food available on the boats.

Seeing as we’ll eventually split up into four boats it would be good to get everyone together to begin with. It may also help get everyone to the correct boarding points although your tickets will carry all the information you need in this regard. This early meet-up isn’t compulsory by any means and you are more than welcome to make your way straight onto the boats. But make sure you have your tickets first.

2 On the subject of tickets we still have a few number awaiting collection. You won’t get on the boat without your ticket. Tickets were posted across a number of days last week – if yours has yet to arrive it’s likely to still be making its way to you. If yours still hasn’t arrived by Thursday please let us know.

If you still need to collect your ticket you need to come and find us at Southbank as early as possible, no later than 11am ideally. Boats begin boarding from 11:30am and so you’ll need to leave plenty of time to obtain your ticket and then make your way to the specified departure point.

Billy Walker & Jack Burkitt Boarding Point

Billy Walker & Jack Burkitt Boarding Point

3 The boarding points vary depending on which boat you are on. The Billy Walker and the Jack Burkitt depart from the moorings directly by Trent Bridge outside Brewhouse while the Tommy Wilson and Stewart Imlach will leave from across the river on the steps beneath the Wilford Suspension Bridge. 

While all tickets will state a noon departure please note that the Jack Burkitt will leave at 11:50am to allow the Billy Walker to dock and board afterwards at the same mooring point. Therefore if you on board the Jack Burkitt please be at the departure point by 11:35am latest.


4 We are still getting numerous requests for a place on the boat, so much so we could have probably filled each boat twice over. We would if we could.

We do anticipate that a few spaces will come free on the day. Some tickets won’t be collected and some just won’t turn up after a heavy night the night before. In this scenario at a very late stage you might find yourself with an opening. We can obviously offer no guarantees but if you fancy trying to grab a late spot then follow us around in Southbank at 11am. It’s worked for many in previous years!


Tommy Wilson & Stewart Imlach Boarding Point

Tommy Wilson & Stewart Imlach Boarding Point

5 The times stated are fixed and won’t be delayed by a couple of minutes to wait for stragglers. Make sure you are ready to board for the boarding time stated. You have been warned!

6 You’ll need to show your ticket upon boarding. You’ll also be checked off on a guest list at the same time. The bar on each boat will be open as soon as boarding commences.

7 Flags, banners etc are very much encouraged.

8 The duration is 2.5 hours and we will arrive back at the original departure point at around 2:30pm. For those not travelling but who fancy watching a big group of drunken fools larking about on boats then we would recommend being Trentside for around 2:10pm.

Should anyone have any queries or issues then please let us know. Otherwise we’ll see you on Saturday in the Southbank or on the boats.